воскресенье, 16 августа 2015 г.

Drabant miniatures 2 points SAGA

Drabant miniatures (Russia) 2 points Anglo-Saxons for SAGA.
 Comparison: Darbant, Crusader Miniatures, Drabant, Crusader Miniatures (all Saxons)

 Comparison 2: Darbant, Crusader Miniatures, Drabant, Crusader Miniatures (all Saxons)
Drabants have bigger heads (or helmets?). Bodies are almost the same size. Saxons from crusader miniatures differ from each other within the range -  armoured warriors usually a little bit bigger than unarmoured colleagues.
Another thought is - Dabants have poses "at rest", crusader's minis are more animated. In this case Darbants seem higher.
After all, the quality of Drabant Miniatures is superb. They are one of the best miniatures for dark age in 28mm.

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  1. Thanks for the tip with drabant. I will have a look at it!!!

    1. Alex, welcome. I think you should try them. With your painting skills they will look very good. This figures have their individual look, that more suitable for collection miniatures. Author has another range - "Rus", it's not on his web site yet, but in the nearest future we'll see it.