четверг, 26 января 2012 г.

An Idea

I am new to the hobby, and i was deciding, where to start? There are many scales, manufacturers of figures, paints, techniques etc.. And so I, the man, who never has painted a single miniature in his life, had planned: to buy a simple set of Russians 1/72 for Napoleonic, to try to paint it and to see what will happen.
Zvezda's sets are chip and have a good quality, it's my first choice. I have bought Russian Artillery (There were still hussars and something else..), I've ordered paints in Internet..
and then i realized, that painting of artillery isn't an easy task :) the set includes, besides the 19 men crew, 3 guns, 7 horses, 3 mounted men, a limber and an ammunition wagon.. oh, it's too much for the first time %) that was my mistake :)

but we do not afraid of difficulties.. no! I've already started to paint. 4 crew members, 4 horses and 2 guns are ready. They are painted in a simple way, but it is only beginning. Sadly i don't have much time for painting this winter. (because of my little son and hockey season;))
The general idea is to play a small (maybe medium) skirmish game. For this purpose i bought some more figures, russians and french... i keep this and a few fotos of my work for the next post.

Bye! Tschüß! Пока!

вторник, 17 января 2012 г.


So, I've decided to start with historical Miniatures. I like history, and every period is interesting for me, from Macedonians of Alexander the Great to WWII. But from my childhood I was fascinated with soldiers wearing kiwers and riders equipped with cuirasses. And today, when i'm over 30, i make my first steps in historical miniature wargaming, and there is no other choice to start with, but Napoleonics.
The simplest way is to go to the shop and to buy a small box with minis. I did so. The assortment wasn't broad: only 1/72 and only Zvezda (that was the ordinary toyshop :)) I took Russian Foot Artillery 1812-1814 and went home happy :)
But i've made a small mistake with this choice. What mistake? About it - next time :)