четверг, 26 января 2012 г.

An Idea

I am new to the hobby, and i was deciding, where to start? There are many scales, manufacturers of figures, paints, techniques etc.. And so I, the man, who never has painted a single miniature in his life, had planned: to buy a simple set of Russians 1/72 for Napoleonic, to try to paint it and to see what will happen.
Zvezda's sets are chip and have a good quality, it's my first choice. I have bought Russian Artillery (There were still hussars and something else..), I've ordered paints in Internet..
and then i realized, that painting of artillery isn't an easy task :) the set includes, besides the 19 men crew, 3 guns, 7 horses, 3 mounted men, a limber and an ammunition wagon.. oh, it's too much for the first time %) that was my mistake :)

but we do not afraid of difficulties.. no! I've already started to paint. 4 crew members, 4 horses and 2 guns are ready. They are painted in a simple way, but it is only beginning. Sadly i don't have much time for painting this winter. (because of my little son and hockey season;))
The general idea is to play a small (maybe medium) skirmish game. For this purpose i bought some more figures, russians and french... i keep this and a few fotos of my work for the next post.

Bye! Tschüß! Пока!

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  1. Andrej, I'm still looking forward to dapple-grey horses, you know:) By the way - was there any correspondence between the corps and the colour of horses? I mean, e.g. only bay horses for hussars or something like that. A very feminine question, isn't it?:)

    1. hi damira,
      there were different horsecolors. ie. here is a usefull link - http://theminiaturespage.com/boards/msg.mv?id=141010

  2. You mean: "For this purpose i have two junior brothers..."?

  3. My brain was broken by english.. corps and corpse - it's different words.. O_o